Born this way

My Spiritual journey started June 17, 1980 the day I was born. My Grandma & my Goddie ran thru the hospital dropping liquor the day I was born. The next day a lady from Haiti tried kidnapping me saying, I was her baby, that I looked just like her baby. Unfortunately her daughter died at birth.

When I was about 5/6, I started to recognize that I see, hear and feel things, that I wasn’t like my brothers or cousins. I was a tad bit different and they all noticed it too. I spoke of things I had NO BUSINESS KNOWING because I wasn’t even alive yet.

It was VERY hard to lie to me or keep info from me, all of this just as a child. When both my Gma’s picked up on my gifts in their own ways they nourished them. (I learned A LOT in the kitchen)

As I got older I noticed “Oh shit” this shit HIT lol so I used my Magic for myself & family only.
I have been faced with A LOT life, been toe to toe with death & even slept with the Ripper and now we are friends with great understanding.

At the age of 30 my Ancestors came to me saying “This is what you must do to help our people” I felt I wasn’t ready so I ignored the call yet I WORKED my work till 6 years ago I submitted to my calling.

I’m here to help you serve your calling & walk your Spiritual journey in the light and darkness of your own personal truth!